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Paint for a new perspective

Paint for a new perspective

Creativity abounds when you consider the possibilities of changing your environment with paint! It could be your walls, your furniture or even your light fixtures that need a little color (or even covering up a color), but this can add some life and a new perspective to any room.

When considering what colors to choose for your space, you might look to the experts to see what hues might be “on trend” in 2018. After you have figured out a potential color scheme, then decide where you want color and where you want neutrals. Balance in using neutrals mixed with patterns (stripes, dots, etc.) or textures must be done with care.

If an out of date light fixture is getting in the way of your creativity, why not try spray painting it? An old light fixture with a new look might be the bright spot to your remodel. You could paint a frame, a piece of furniture, or some other important item in your room. Make sure it reflects your personality or the theme; or maybe you choose the colors to match your new bedding set.

You will be amazed at how much changing the color of certain items in your room will affect the nuance in your surroundings. Whether you choose cool and calm or vibrant and exciting, your bedroom will be all YOURS!

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