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Bedroom Ideas

Try a change of scenery – move furniture around for a different perspective/traffic pattern.

Tired of your bedroom space? You’re ready for a change but just don’t know how you will afford it? Keep in mind that sometimes change does not have to require money!

Changing up the location of the items in your room will add a sense of “new” and may tide you over until you can afford to do something more drastic. Consider putting the bed in a corner instead of up against a wall. According to, this “gives the room a more homey, intimate, and elegant touch.” Also, add a mirror that reflects an outside view, adding more light to the room. Investigate ways to move things around so that you enter the room differently or change the traffic pattern by adding a chest at the end of the bed from another room, or take away a piece of furniture to open up space.

Do you have an interesting wall hanging in a different room that you could hang over your bed, maybe even instead of a headboard? Moving items to a different room often facilitate different use, thus making it feel new. A lamp relocated to a different room would also change things up.

Spending a little time and creativity will allow you to make some changes to your existing space without breaking the bank. And who knows? Maybe it will buy you some time to save for some small or even big changes in the future!