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Bedroom Ideas

Create a calm, uncluttered space

Bedrooms that are cluttered and disorganized do not promote relaxation and rest. As you begin a remodeling project, you must start with a clean palette. Remove items from your room and closet that do not belong in the bedroom. Once you have done this, take inventory of what is left. Do you need it? Does it fit? Is it special to you? Going through this process will help you to sort through the items in your room/closet allowing you to prioritize.

Next, take a look at your closet or other storage areas. Consider using unique ways to store your clothing items to best display them so you know what you have. This will prevent you from rummaging through your closet to find that one special belt or shirt, making a mess as you go.

Should you have an old entertainment center in your home, like many of us do, think about moving it to your bedroom, not for a TV, but to add shelves to and use for storage. Adding smaller spaces to a larger shelf will help you know where you keep things. Everything should have its place.

When working on your closet space, take a look at closet organizing systems. These will allow you to design your space to fit your needs. Many home improvement stores offer online programs to help you plan, giving you a shopping list of parts you need to complete your space. These do-it-yourself closet systems are relatively inexpensive, saving you in the long run.

Creating a calm, uncluttered space will improve your sleep and give you a place to relax in your home. Prioritize this when beginning any new home improvement project.