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Bedroom Ideas

Add additional lighting and turn off the overhead lights

Lighting in a room adds to the ambiance of the room. If the room has cold, fluorescent lighting from overhead, the room will feel cold and not well lit. Though many bedrooms have a single overhead light or one combined with a ceiling fan, you always have the option to use alternative lighting to create a warm, glowing atmosphere.

Many options require installing a light fixture, such as sconces or pendants. These are fun options using interesting and different choices to add interest in the room. But many times, you may not have the expertise to install a fixture yourself or the money to pay someone to do it. So what are our options?

Floor lamps or tables lamps on your bedside table are possibilities. Floor lamps can either shine up, down or some can even be positioned to shine where you want additional light. Shining light down will add more warmth to the space. Shining light onto a white ceiling will reflect and illuminate. Be creative with the lamps you choose, as these can be a focal point or it can blend into the background. It’s your choice!

One other consideration is the light bulb you choose. There are so many options in colors available currently ranging from cool to warm. Edison bulbs are a new trend. Check out fixtures that might feature one of these and you will add interest to your room!

Creating lighting can create functional lighting as well as fun shadows adding to the look of your bedroom. Choose wisely to balance fun and functional.