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Bedroom Ideas

Add a reading corner

How do you relax when you return home from work or school? Many people find that reading calms them and gives them an outlet to relax. One area that can be added to a bedroom that might transform it into a special area would be to add a reading corner.

Adding a reading corner by a window or even in an unusually shaped area of the room would be ideal. But even if your room is completely square, this can be accomplished. Obviously, you need to find seating that is comfortable for you. You may not mind sitting on the floor, so for you, comfortable throw pillows and blankets may be all you need to add. Most people would prefer a comfortable chair. This chair could be from another area of your home or can be purchased new or used. Ask around. Maybe a family member or friend was thinking about getting rid of a chair and their trash could be your treasure.

If the chair is not in the best of shape, you might look into adding a slip cover to dress it up and make it seem brand new! These come in many different colors, designs and styles so decide how it fits into the overall theme of your room and go from there!

Next, add a bookshelf or stand of some sort to allow for a glass of water, a potted plant or another décor. The added piece of furniture will give you a place to keep your book and anything else you might want to keep nearby while you relax.


Adding this special space for yourself might seem frivolous at the time, but will provide serenity when you need it most. Don’t neglect giving yourself this treat.