Bedroom Ideas


Flooring choices are huge in determining the mood of your bedroom. If you have carpet, tile or a wood floor, you can change your scene with a little effort. Carpeted areas are potentially the most difficult to change up but even changing the traffic pattern in your room can expose different, maybe less worn areas of the carpeting. It’s worth a shot!


Should you have a tile or wood floor, consider adding a rug. There are so many options with area rugs that you need to consider what style you are going with before you pick one out. The styles range from natural materials to plush to modern choices.

Placement of the rugs can also change how your room appears. Many people like to have the floor covering at least covering where they will step out of their beds so that it is warm and comfortable on their first step in the morning. This can be accomplished with two smaller rugs, one on each side or with a larger rug under the bed.

When choosing a color, make sure you keep in mind the color of the current flooring. Contrasting colors might be more interesting than something the same hue. If money is an issue, check out consignment stores or online garage sale sites. Another person’s discarded rug could be just what you are searching for!

Coordinating flooring accessories is important in the scheme of your whole room experience. Don’t neglect to think through your choices to maximize your style.

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