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Bedroom Ideas

Creative spaces for tweens to teens

You remember those years, right? The age where you began to have your own opinion about things and wondered how your parents could be so embarrassing? It might seem that designing a bedroom in the midst of all of this might be impossible! Never fear. Give your teen a chance to express their personality and creativity while assuring the basics are covered. It can happen!

From a parent’s perspective, the teen needs a sleep area, a study area and a place to lounge with friends, should the parent encourage kids hanging out in bedrooms. It’s important to consider the last point because this can be controlled somewhat by how you set up their room. If you prefer your kids have a space welcoming to their friends, then build in some seating, extra pillows or even a couch into your plan. If you would prefer they gather in a different place in your home, use the space to emphasize study and sleep areas.

Some teens like to incorporate their hobbies or interests into their theme. Others have moved past this and desire a more chic space. Don’t put yourself in a bad position assuming one way or another. Have the discussion and plan first. Then you will both be on the same page.

If your teen feels cramped in their room, consider using a loft bed. The study area might even fit underneath the bed. Offer cork boards and magnetic dry erase boards to display items on the walls. Use throw pillows in a corner for a lounging space, instead of another piece of furniture. Ditch the headboard and push the bed up against a wall to save space. 


Take your teen’s lead on making these decisions. You will find the power struggle does not have to be real (much J) as long as you give them latitude to make a few suggestions and even some decisions on their own décor. Remember, they have to live in the room, not you. Use this opportunity to build bonds and work on a project together. You may find it to even be FUN!